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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face masks are currently in high demand. If you like to sew, masks are easy to make on your home sewing machine. Our pattern includes 3 sizes to fit a range of ages to keep the whole family safe. For our blog we chose a fun dinosaur print, lined it in a complementary fabric and teamed it with fluro elastic, creating a design that's perfect for children. Masks are ideal to make from fat quarters or any left overs in your stash. Its also fun to experiment with different themes, fabric and elastic combinations. Keep in mind the edges need to sit tightly against the skin, so this design is tied to fit. Naturally you can finish the elastic to your own measurements if you prefer a custom fit. The masks are washable and reusable and if you create several, you will ensure there is always one on hand. While the mask won't protect you from the virus, it helps to control the spread of any other germs and particles in the air, which is useful whenever you're around others. It also frees up the medical grade masks for those who really do need them. Sizes included are Small (ages 3-6), Medium (ages 7-12) and Large (teens to adult). We recommend washing daily so its a great idea to make at least 4 or 5.


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  • Main fabric (We used Birch SKU 640154 Dinosaur Adventures - 100% Cotton Bundle for Main and Lining Fabric )
  • Lining fabric
  • Birch Hat or thin braised elastic (We used SKU 009711 Fluro Elastic)
  • 004640 Birch Premium Quilting Thread (or any cotton thread)
  • Scissors (We used Kai Tailoring Shears SKU 018659)
  • Birch Safety Pins for threading elastic through the casing. (SKU Q57274)
  • Taylor Seville Fabric clips (SKU 216053)
  • Optional layer of wadding or carbon filter in between fabric layers



Dino reverse shot 900 x 900



  1. Cut 1 Pair x pattern in Main fabric
  2. Cut 1 pair x pattern in Lining
  3. Cut length of elastic based on individual (roughly 80cm for adult)
  4. Stitch main and lining fabric on long curve (keep right sides together)
  5. Lay main and lining with right sides together and stitch most of the way around
  6. Bag out the mask through the opening and topstitch to secure and close
  7. Fold over 1.5cm and stitch on each side to form casings, leaving gaps on the top and bottom
  8. Feed through the elastic and tie or stitch closed to create the perfect fit
Face Mask Printable image

We hope you enjoy making your masks. We'd LOVE to see what you come up with. 

Our pattern is available in 3 sizes - Download Here!

  • Small (Ages 3-6)
  • Medium (Ages 7-12)
  • Large (Teens to Adult)

Stay safe and feel free to tag us in all of your creations! 

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