Easter Projects for Children

Here's a few activities to entertain the kids this Easter. Kids will go crazy for them this Easter, and you'll go crazy for how easy they are to make!

Felt Bunnies

BLOG Felt Bunny Materials3



  • Birch Felt Squares (SKU 042024)
  • DMC Stranded Cotton (SKU 119010)
  • Beutron Buttons (SKU 160168 C.54)
  • Toy Fill (SKU 120042)
  • Hot Glue Gun – Optional for Add ons (SKU 0122147)
  • Bunny Stencils (Supplied) – traced onto card ready to create shapes
  • Scissors (we used SKU 018651)
  • Needle for Embroidery (SKU 012711)
  • Pins or Fabric Clip (SKU 012711) or (SKU Q57223)
  • Beutron Bow - Optional (SKU BM6378)

BLOG Felt Bunnies Stitching 3



  • Cut 2 bodies in Felt colour 1
  • Cut 2 add ons in Felt colour 2
  • Use stranded cotton to stitch eyes, nose and mouth to create the face (Hot Glue Gun Optional).
  • Pin the 2 pieces of the bunny together (wrong sides together)
  • Stitch around the circumference of the bunny with a running stitch, leaving a small opening
  • Fill with the toy fill and close off the opening
  • Stitch bow at the end

BLOG felt bunnies

BLOG Printable image3

Download and print templates here 

Bonus shapes and pattern for gift box enclosed!

Bunny Stamp Stencil

BLOG Bunny Stamp Materials



  • 015245 Momenta Stencil Paint. We used Pink, aqua and silver
  • Birch Stencil Brush (SKU 036018)
  • Thin Cardboard (for Greeting cards) or paper
  • Paper towels, water jug etc
  • Stencil from Felt Bunny
  • Scissors

BLOG Bunny Stamp  


  • Trace the bunny shapes (from felt Bunny) onto card and cut out shape
  • Fold cardboard in half for a greeting card, or lay paper flat
  • Place the stencil on card or paper and dab with stencil paint 
  • Keep bunny outline well stencilled to create a good shape (thin coverage near edge).
  • Peel away the stencil and let the paint dry
  • Draw a face on the bunny (optional)

String Art Egg

BLOG Yarn Egg Pee Stick  


  • Bernat Softee Baby Cotton (SKU 021011)
  • Therm O Web “Peel n Stick” Double Sided Adhesive (SKU 012734)
  • Cardboard cut from stencil (See stencil template for Felt Bunnies we enlarged the 1st egg 200%)
  • Scissors (we used SKU 018651)


  BLOG Yarn Egg


  • Trace the egg shape onto card and Peel n Stick & cut out shapes
  • Place the Peel and stick adhesive onto the cardboard and peel off the backing
  • Open the yarn and leave an end of 20cm at the top of the cardboard egg (to form a loop).
  • Wrap the egg in the yarn (it will stick to the adhesive) and change directions.
  • Once the egg is covered finish at top with another 20 cm string and tie off

String Art Balloon Garland

BLOG Mod Podge Balloon Materials4  


  • Mod Podge Matte 16oz (SKU 911302)
  • Birch Sponge Brush for applying glue to the balloon (SKU 036013)
  • Bernat Softee Baby Cotton (SKU 021011)
  • Old bowl for holding balloons while you work
  • Drying Rack/ Kitchen Rack/ Pegs for drying balloons
  • Scissors (we used SKU 018651)


BLOG Mod Podge Balloon Garland


  • Blow up several balloons
  • Using the Sponge Brush cover balloons with Mod Podge
  • Leave a 20cm string at balloon opening and wrap yarn firmly around balloon 
  • Leave gaps to obtain an open effect, tie off yarn with a 2nd 20cm string
  • Saturate the yarn with more Mod Podge & dry for 24 hours
  • Pop the balloons and thread with string to create a Garland
  • Check out https://modpodgerocksblog.com/ for Mod Podge ideas!



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