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chalkboard frame

DIY Chalkboard Frame!

Perfect for daily reminders, shopping lists, family timetables, dinner ideas or even an inspirational message! Chalk paint works well on wood, terracotta, metal, ceramics, paper and canvas but the smoothest finish is on glass.


  • Old picture frame with frame still in good condition (with glass and back board intact)
  • Plaid Folk Art Chalkboard Paint (SKU 900008) in a Selected Colour
  • Plaid Gold Nylon Brush Set (SKU 901177) or A Foam paintbrush
  • Coloured Chalk for chalk drawing
  • Cleaning cloth and Glass cleaner
  • Newspaper to work on


  • Left over Primer (Chalk Paint usually adheres beautifully without primer, but can be used if preferred.)
  • Stencils/ stencils (ASST codes) and brushes (SKU 934038 /934068) if you’d like add lettering or patterns


Search your home or local thrift store for a frame with a glass insert. Check the back of the frame to ensure the frame is in good condition and glass can be easily removed. Take the backing off the frame and carefully remove the glass (with adult supervision). Carefully clean and dry the glass. Place the glass on newspaper and paint a thin layer of primer or chalkpaint in one direction using a foam paintbrush. Allow to completely dry (overnight if required). Warning - If the primer is not dry between layers the paint may bubble and you will need to start again. Paint a second coat with brushstrokes perpendicular to the first coat. Allow to fully dry once again and then reapply if required. When the paint is completely dry you can assemble the frame back together. Rub chalk over the entire chalkboard to season the surface and wipe off with a clean dry cloth.

Alternatively, if not wishing to use the glass, you can cut a piece of thin mdf to size and use the same instructions.

900008 SHELF LR


Popsicle people header

Popsicle people

Popsicle people allow little ones to co-ordinate colours, textures and trims.

You can use the people you make as decorations or even create your own popsicle puppet show!

They are Lots of fun to make and you will only be limited by your own imagination.


  • Birch PVA Craft Glue (SKU 048203)
  • Jessie James Novelty Buttons to Trim (SKU 787117)
  • Acrylic Paint and Brush set to colour popsicle sticks or cardboard (SKU 900573)
  • Felt or Felt Squares (SKU 420004, 042024, 042025)
  • Asst Yarn (SKU 020989, 020991, 020992 etc)
  • Asst Braid / Trims (SKU 291317, 029125, 029909 etc)
  • Asst Ribbon (SKU 001180, 001186,001181 etc)
  • Bows/ Motifs (SKU 210722, 210723) to “dress” or add accessories to the people
  • Kids Craft Scissors (SKU 183115)
  • Cardboard (to cut into People Shapes)
  • Popsicle Sticks


  • Glitter Paint (SKU 900175)
  • Chenille Sticks (SKU 053138)
  • Pencil (to draw the figures before cutting)
  • Hot Glue Gun (SKU 022149, SKU 022147 SKU 022150 – note MUST BE used with adult supervision)

Popsicle people materials2


  1. Draw people shapes onto cardboard. Cut our shapes.
  2. Glue people shapes onto the popsicle stick and allow to dry.
  3. Apply glue to the cardboard. Wrap Yarn or braid around the legs and neckline to “dress” the people (Or optionally cut clothing shapes in felt and stick to cardboard)
  4. Cut Extra yarn to create hairstyles
  5. Glue Trim with Buttons bows

Now it’s time to have fun creating, cutting, sticking, mixing and matching!

Popsicle people materials1

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