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Easter – Dyed Eggs

By Rit Dye


It's coming up to Easter time and what better way to have some family fun, than to decorate your own Easter Eggs.

This easy project can be done by all ages - but make sure you lay down a plastic sheet, or go outside for the young ones! 


Supplies and Tools:


• Hollowed out eggs • Rit All-Purpose Dye • Rubber Bands 


• Stickers • Small Dish • Water • Tongs 


• Tray • Egg carton • Scissors 


Rit Dye Eggs 2



1. Gather supplies & hollow out your eggs

2. Prepare dye bath following instructions on the bottle/packet

3. Wrap rubber bands around eggs to create a pattern (TIP: used different sized rubber bands to create different looks)

4. Test the colour with a piece of paper towel (TIP: add more dye for a darker colour or more water for a lighter colour)


5. Place egg in dye bath & leave for 5 minutes (or longer for a deeper colour)

6. Soak up any excess dye with paper towel & leave to dry

7. Once dry remove rubber bands


Rit Dye Eggs 3


For decoration purposes only. If using hard boiled eggs - do not eat after ;)

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