Create Your Own Easter Parade Hat

Your little ones will be leading the Easter Parade with this exciting and colourful Easter Hat project. The hat has an inbuilt counting game making this project fun, educational and inspirational! It’s also a great opportunity to recycle any cardboard, and to reuse some of last year’s Easter decorations that you may still have in your craft box.



  • Cardboard
  • Craft supplies – scissors, masking tape, marking pen ect.
  • SKU 042024 – Felt Squares
  • SKU 071002 – Birch Wadding
  • SKU 022149 – Hot Glue Gun
  • SKU 020055 – Glue Sticks
  • SKU 048238 – Helmar Fabric Glue
  • SKU 015244 – Birch Fabric Paper
  • SKU 001180 – Berisfords Grograin Ribbon (Liberty and White)
  • SKU 787117-8826 – Jessie James Buttons
  • SKU 053138 – Chenille Stem
  • SKU 120042 – Toy Fill
  • SKU SO0003 – Cream Organza Lace
  • SKU S04988/S01022 - Tassel Trim
  • Bunny and Egg shaped cookie cutters
  • Assorted craft accessories eg. Eyes, buttons, pom poms, feathers ect.
  • 036074 Yarn or tissue paper


  • SKU 011901 - Birch Tracing Paper
  • SKU 020187 – Flexible Curve Ruler
  • SKU 012416 – Metric French Curve
  • SKU 900137 – Colour Shift Metallic Plaid Folk Art Paint
  • SKU 291307 – Cotton Heading Tape
  • SKU 018408 – Kai Patchwork Scissors
  • SKU 011084 – Tailors Awl
  • SKU 021961 – Pearl Trimming
  • SKU 290707– Pom Pom Braid

Easter Hat 7


You will require 3 pieces of cardboard to create the crown, crown fill and brim.

Crown: Measure head at widest circumference. Using a sheet of Birch tracing paper (SKU 011901) create a rectangular pattern using the head measurement plus 5 cm (for overlap) x the height of the crown (eg: 20cm). Cut pattern out and

tape it closed to check fit. Once happy, lay over cardboard and cut out shape. Use hot glue gun (SKU 022149 & Glue Sticks SKU 020055) and masking tape to create a smooth seam. (NB: we find an oval shape will sit better on the

child’s head).

Crown Fill: Using your crown, place it over another piece of cardboard and trace the inner oval. Cut, and you now have your crown fill piece.

Brim: To create the brim, place the crown on a large piece of cardboard and trace the inner oval, plus measure outwards from the crown the amount you would like for the brim of the hat (approx. 15cm). Trace and cut your brim.

Try our Birch Flexible Curve Ruler (0112416) for ease of measuring!

Now is a good time, before construction begins, to trace the parts of the hat you would like to cover with felt. (SKU 042024)

Eg: cut 1 crown, 1 x crown lining, 1 x band (brim lining is optional as can paint the cardboard surface). Also trace and cut an oval piece of wadding (SKU 071002) to sit on top of crown fill. (NB - if painting the brim top and underside use Plaid Folkart Paints, for a metallic look use Colour Shift SKU 900137-5129).

Construction: Using a hot glue gun, secure the crown fill section inside the crown. We recommend approx. 8cm down, to allow eggs to sit in place at the end. Then glue the brim of the hat to the base of the crown, double checking for fit as you go.

Once happy, the fun can begin!

Glue your felt pieces around the crown and brim (if not painting). Add some wadding to the top side of the crown and glue into place. Use hot glue gun or Helmar Fabric Glue (SKU 048238) to stick felt to cardboard. Optional: add a sweat band to inside of hat using a piece of 20mm cotton heading tape (SKU 291307). 

Easter Hat shapes4

Easter Hat construction

Easter Hat 2





Using a bunny cookie cutter, trace 8 single bunny shapes onto felt. Cut out the bunny shapes and blanket stitch around the edge of the bunnies using cotton and thread (see our list of materials for recommendations). Make 8 neck bows for bunnies using 10mm Berisfords Grosgrain Ribbon in a colour to accent the felt you are using (eg; SKU 001180-9490 Liberty or 001180-9401 White). Secure the neck bows into place by stitching on the Jesse James Dress it up Princess Petals Buttons SKU 787117-8826 or choose from Jesse James novelty button range SKU 787117 to suit your creation. Hot Glue or Helmar Fabric Glue can also be used to put neck bows, eyes and fluffy tail onto bunnies. Can use buttons for bunny eyes or stitch using DMC Stranded cotton.




Place Birch Felt onto your work surface and trace eggs using a Egg Cookie Cutter (can purchase from your local kitchenware store or make a template from cardboard). Trace and cut 12 pairs of egg shapes, (you will need 24 sides as each egg is two sided). Using DMC stranded cotton, backstitch the numbers 1-10, a plus, and a minus symbol onto the top half of the eggs (can use the number function on a sewing machine for this step). Next, blanket stitch the top of the eggs to a blank egg, leaving a little pocket at side of egg to insert toy fill (SKU 120042), and then close pocket with further blanket stitches. A tailors Awl (SKU 011084) can be used to place holes through felt, then stitch through the holes in shape of each number or if you would like to stitch patterns on each egg prior to blanket stitching pieces together. This will make stitching easier if little hands want to help!

Easter Hat 8



Easter Hat 21

Easter Hat 10  birch butterfly temp

Download the template here:



Butterflies: Cut Birch fabric paper (SKU 015244) into two pieces of 6cm x 12cm (Diagram 1.1) Place right side up.

Piece 1: Fold the corners on the short ends towards each other as shown in Diagram 1.2 Fold in half lengthways with folds facing outwards. With the crease at the top, start folding top side up and down to evenly create zig zig effects. Repeat on the other side. 

Piece 2: Starting on the short end, fold in the zig zag effect until you reach the end (Diagram 1.3).

Fold both pieces in half and use a chenille stem (SKU 053138) to hold together. This will also double up as the antennae (Diagram 1.4)

To Decorate: Use same Jessie James buttons, Grosgrain ribbon, hot glue gun or Helmar fabric glue. Can add eyes, additional buttons or 3mm pearl trimming (SKU 021961)



Measure and glue 28mm Organza lace (SKU SO0003-Cream) to the top and bottom edge of the crown. Glue on the bunnies, pom poms (can use pom pom braid SKU 297070), feathers, butterflies and add recycled elements including Easter decorations from previous years. Glue tassel trim or pom pom braid (SKU S04988 / S01022 or SKU 290707) to the outside edge of the brim. Then fill the crown to make a nest for the eggs using yarn (SKU 036074), tissue or shredded paper. Add the eggs for the egg counting game. Decorate with more pom poms to complete.

Easter Hat 20



Wear your hat to the Easter Parade with pride! When not wearing your hat, place it on a flat surface and count your eggs from 1-10. You can put your eggs between the numbers to practice your mathematics skills. Make sure you look after all your eggs just like mother hen...




Once you have made one hat the design choices are limitless! Create Easter hats for years to come by reusing the same one or keep making more!


Download the printable version here:



Easter Hat 16 BLACK WHITE Hat2

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